Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Daybreak Pines - Pastel, Landscape

The loblolly pines in the Bastrop, Texas, area are so majestic. This group of pines is right around the corner from Jo's house and are lovely to see on an early morning walk. Painting them in pastel shows the trees rich colors.

Daybreak Pines
Pastel on U-Art sanded paper
12 x 18 inches.

This painting will be at the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild Art Gallery for the month of March in the Changing Seasons Pastel Show.
Framed against museum glass in a black metal frame.  1.5 inches wide


See and purchase this colorful pastel painting at Art Connections Gallery, 908 Main Street, Bastrop, Texas. 512 581-1799.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Beaming - Acrylic, Floral

Cactus blooms are so exciting on the desert. Capturing this moment in time is something that Jo enjoys. Acrylic lends itself to the delicate flowers in this small painting.

Acrylic on Cradled Panel
8 x 8 inches

You can see the painted edges and get an idea of the size of this painting.  The cradle is 1.5 inches.

It is painted on a cradeled Gessobord with 1.5 inch sides which are painted a very dark blue/purple. No frame needed. 


Mishmash - Pastel, Still Life

Vegetables look so yummy painted in pastels. These don't necessarily go together in a dish to eat, so the idea of Mishmash came into play.

 Pastel on Pastelbord
14 x 11inches

Framed in gold frame against plexiglass.

Donated to the Bastrop Fine Arts Gala for a raffle.  $400 value Raffle on April 19, 2015


Water Undeerground - Pastel Painting, Landscape

Windmills always touch our hearts. Bringing water to the high desert gives life and beauty. Painting the landscape with pastels gives softness to the harsh dry expanses.

 Water Underground
Pastel on Pastelbord
14 x 11 inches. 

Free Shipping in USA. Framed in barnwood frame against museum glass.


Twilight Pines - Pastel, Landscape

Early twilight cast a lovely light on these pines. Painting with pastels brings out the richness of the color. The scene is in Montana, but could be anywhere in the Rocky Mountains. Where does it feel like to you? 

Pastel on Pastelbord. 16 x 20 inches, framed in gold plein air style frame.

Sold at Art Connections Gallery, 908 Main St., Bastrop, Texas, 78602. 512 581-1799 They have an on-line store, too.
See more of Jo's art at Art Connections.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sendero - Pastel Painting, Landscape

Right around the corner from our home is an area in the Loblolly pines with some old paths and roads.  These pines are so beautiful and survived the Bastrop Fire in 2011.  The painting was in the Austin Pastel Society Juried Members show. 
Sendero - Pastel on Pastelbord
11 x 14 inches 

This painting is sold and in a private collection in Bastrop.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jacobs Creek - Oil Painting, Landscape

This small plein air landscape painting was painted on location at Jacobs Creek, near Trego, Montana. It was a delightful place and the day was a bit overcast with the smoke from the summer forrest fires in California and Idaho. The original painting was exhibited at the Anna Bier Gallery in Greenville, Ohio, for the month of November, 2012.  The exhibit was of paintings by the artists at a workshop in Montana.

Jacobs Creek
Oil on Raymar Panel
10 x 8 inches

It is framed in a mahoghany colored wooden plein air frame.


Stop Here - Pastel, Landscape

Mailboxes seem to connect us.  I have always enjoyed painting them.  These are just around the corner from our home, however the street is paved.  I liked the old fashioned look of the dirt road.

Stop Here - Pastel on Pastelbord
5 x 7 inches - Framed in dark wooden frame

Donated to the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild Gala, 2013.

Hot Spot - Pastel, Landscape

This landscape was painted for the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild Christmas Show for Paintings Under $100.  It is in the Loblolly pine forest near our home.

Hot Spot - Pastel on Pastelbord
5 x 7 inches - Framed in dark wooden frame

Donated to the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild Gala, 2013.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Run Off - Acrylic, Landscape

This little landscape painting was created when I had my Gallery downtown on Main Street.  I really like it, but somehow it slipped my mind and was never posted.  It was painted from a photo and memories of rain in New Mexico.

Run Off Acrylic on Canvas Panel
12 x 6 inches -  Unframed

The acrylic landscape is ready to pop into a frame or sit on a little easel.  $100.00  Free shipping in the USA.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Guard - Pastel, Animal

I'm keeping with the red theme and thought this cardinal on our bird feeder was perfect for this.  Pastels make the feathers vibrant.  We have several cardinals that come around.  This one ran off the Eastern Bluebirds that were there and just took over the bird feeder, hence the name.

On Guard, pastel on Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches
This little painting is taped directly to glass and is ready to pop in a standard frame or sit on an easel.

The painting was donated to the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild to put under the Christmas Tree which is then donated to the Family Crisis Center for the Festival of Trees fundraiser.

Me and My Gal - Pastel, Animal

Bastrop chickens are protected and live on Farm Street.  This pair was hanging out with Bastrop Resident, the previous painting on this blog.  I really like the effect that pastel has on the feathers of the birds.  Pastel never shows up in the photos as nicely as in real life.

Me and My Gal, 5 x 7 inches, Pastel on Pastelbord
The painting is on board and taped directly to the glass so you can set it on an easel or pop it into a standard frame. In private collection in Bastrop, Texas.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bastrop Resident - Animal, Pastel

This Bastrop Resident rooster lives on Farm Street in Bastrop, Texas.  The chickens are protected and roam around near the railroad tracks.  This is the second time I have painted this rooster.  I just love the way the feathers glow when done in pastel.

In private collection, Bastrop, Texas.

Bastrop Resident, 5 x 7 inches, Pastel on Pastelbord

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disconnected - Still Life, Acrylic

I decided to make use of the tomatoes on the vine before they went bad. I always like painting red, so it was not a hard decision. I painted Salsa Fixins' a couple of days ago and thought, "Which do I like more:  painting tomatoes with a brush or pastels?" The jury is still out, no verdict. It seems I like which ever medium I am using at the moment. I hope you do, too.

Disconnected, 7 x 5 inches, acrylic on canvas panel.

This small still life is ready to be popped into a frame or sit on an easel.


Disconnected, 7 x 5 inches, acrylic on canvas panel, framed


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Salsa Fixins' - Still Life, Pastel

I really like to paint with red.  These tomatoes called to me at the grocery store.  So, to a familiar theme for me, the makings for some salsa.  I'm not sure if I like painting red with pastels or a brush more.  Hmmmm.

Salsa Fixins', 12 x 6 inches, pastel on Pastelbord
In private collection in Austin, Texas.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sprouts - Garlic Still Life, Pastel

I picked up this little box of garlic at Walmart.  When I got home and opened it up, the garlic had started to sprout.  Must have been there for awhile, eh?  It just looked like a small pastel painting to me.  I like painting still life as you are painting from the real items and not from a photo.  Very good for the "eye".

Sprouts, 7 x 5 inches, pastel on Pastel Artist Panel
This small pastel landscape is against the glass, taped and framed in a dark mahogany wooden photo frame to hang on the wall or sit on a table.  

This little pastel is in a private collection in Venice, Florida.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Oak or Two? - Landscape, Acrylic

These little oak trees have already found their way into a couple of my paintings.  I enjoy painting from life and these are right out my window.  I can't tell from the window if the trunks are separate or come out of the same root.  For now we will have to guess if it is one tree or two.  I took a snapshot in the fog and this is the result for this painting.

One Oak or Two?, 8 x 16 inches, acrylic on wrapped canvas.

This is painted on wrapped canvas in acrylics.  This is how the sides look.  It would look great in a floater frame as well.  For the time being it is unframed.

This original landscape is unframed and ready to hang.  $200.00, free shipping in the USA.

Texas Pears - Acrylic, Floral/Fruit, Landscape

There are numerous paintings of Cactus Pears and a large variety in the types of plants, too.  These are Texas natives. The jagged edges fascinated me as the ones in New Mexico are usually rounder.   I love the colors in the fruit and the stems.  Cactuses are one of  my favorite subjects for painting. 

Texas Pears, Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 18 inches

Texas Pears, framed in wooden floater frame.
This acrylic original painting is framed in a wooden floater frame as shown.  Price includes frame and free shipping in the USA.  $425.00

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

True Blues - Pastel, Wildflowers,Landscape

I love Texas bluebonnets.  They are happy, pretty and the state flower.  They grow along the highways and naturally in many fields in the hill country.  These are probably along the highway near Bastrop with the loblolly trees in the background.

True Blue, 8 x 10 inches Pastel on Pastelbord
This small original pastel landscape will be framed against the glass and the price includes a wooden frame. 

In private collection in Bastrop, Texas.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Aspen Trees - Pastel, Landscape, Two Views

Aspens are such unique trees.  Mountain views of the aspens are special to see.  These are in the Angel Fire, New Mexico, area.  The reference photo I used is from the fall of 2010.

Aspen Gold, pastel on Pastelbord, 7 x 5 inches
Aspen Gold is against the glass. It would make a nice set with  Summer Aspens, below. $50.00, free shipping.  Buy both for $90.00.

I painted these aspens at the end of summer last year.  They were just starting to turn but were still green.  These were painted plein air, outside on the spot.  It was interesting to try to capture the movement of their shimmering leaves.

Summer Aspens, pastel on Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches
This is against the glass and is neat with  Aspen Gold above.  Buy it for $50.00 or both for $90.00


Seldom Used - Pastel, Landscape

This one room cabin was high in the New Mexico mountains. The windows were intact so it must be used occasionally. There is a small lake nearby and probably some great hunting. The compliments of red and green in this small pastel painting spruce it up.  There is a great deal of information in this small painting.

Seldom Used, pastel on Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches.
This pastel is in auction on Daily Paintworks right now with a starting price of $35.  You might get a bargain.

If you would rather,  you can "Buy Now"  right here.

This small pastel landscape is against the glass, taped and ready to frame or sit on an easel.  $50, free shipping in the USA.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monte Verde Lake Path - Pastel, Landscape

Jo painted this pastel view plein air on a beautiful morning. It is lovely to paint the landscape and be in the shade painting with a friend, Sue. It is painted with a watercolor under painting that shows through in spots adding movement and interest to the painting.

Monte Verde Lake Path, 8 x 9 inches, Pastel on Colourfix sanded paper.
This landscape is framed against museum glass. Museum glass offers little reflection, so the painting resembles an oil painting.   It is in a black metal frame. $145.00 Free Shipping.

Mora Stop - Oil, Landscape

This pastel is of the beautiful stream between Mora and Angel Fire. It could be any stream but Sue and Jo made it their stop for painting on a beautiful summer day. It was calm and peaceful, a great place to paint and pass the afternoon. The paintings had to be finished quickly. Then the rain came and they had to high tail it out of there.

Mora Stop, Pastel on Colorfix, 8 x 9 inches

This painting is framed against museum glass in a plain gold metal frame.  $145.00, free shipping.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Entrada - Landscape

This painting was painted for a pastel challenge sponsored by the Pastel Journal.  You can enter the challenge on my regular blog until September 12, 2011.  You will receive a copy of the Pastel Journal and be entered to win Maggie Price's new book, Painting Sunlight and Shadow in Pastel, by commenting or submitting a pastel painting.

I love adobe houses and entryways.  This scene in Taos captured my interest and was perfect for the painting of sunlight and shadow.

Entrada, Pastel on Pastelbord, 9 x 12 inches
This is framed in a reddish colored wooden frame with black around the opening, about a 2.5 inch width. It is framed against museum glass.  Free shipping.

Los Ranchos de Taos Church - Landscape, Oil Painting

My friend Sue Modrak was here for a week and we did some plein air and studio painting.  It was a whirlwind or marathon painting time.  Lots of fun.  Sue wanted to try the water mixable oils so we broke them open and this is the result.  I painted this on cradled Gessobord.  The paint is not thick so the canvas look of the boards shows through.  I like that sometimes.  The painting is ready to be hung without framing. 

Shadow Side, Oil on cradled Gessobord, 6 x 6 inches

The edges are painted New Mexican Blue to keep the southwest flavor going.  They are not varnished.  The paintings will hold up better if varnished in a few weeks.  They are $75.00 each or you can buy the pair for $135.00.

Shadow Side - $75.00

Friday, July 1, 2011

Magdalena Mountain, Too - Acrylic Painting, Landscape

I thought a Magdalena Mountain painting for my show in Magdalena would be a good idea.  This small acrylic landscape is looking toward the mountain from the road to Riley near the cemetery.  The photo I used for reference was taken in a pretty dry year it seems.

Magdalena Mountain, Acrylic on panel, 8 x 6 inches
This scene is framed in a dark wood plein air style frame.  It is at home in Magdalena, New Mexico.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guacamole Time - Acrylic Painting, Still Life

Another food purchase brought on this painting of vegetables for making guacamole.  They looked so fresh and tempting.  I worked a couple of days on this, but had to finish as quick as I could so that we could "eat my models".  Excellent guacamole!

Guacamole Time, Acrylic on panel, 16 x 8 inches
This is framed in a heavy gold wooden frame, very rich and warm looking.  It will be in my New Mexico show, July 9.

In private collection in Texas. Thanks.


Cherries Jubilee - Acrylic Painting Still Life

Gene brought home some of the best cherries and grapes the other day.  I put them in this green/pink ceramic bowl a young friend, Veronica, made.  When I saw them on the shelf in the fridge, I just had to get them out and paint them.  Some of the brush strokes show when painted in acrylic, adding a painterly touch to this still life.

Cherries Jubilee - Acrylic painting on panel, 7 x 5 inches.
This small painting looks great in a dark wooden frame about 3 inches wide with gold leaf on the edge of the opening.

This was donated to the Bastrop Fire Relief for Artists and sold there.  Probably belongs to someone in the Bastrop area, now.


Chile Hoe-Down - Pastel Painting

Chile is a big deal in New Mexico and I can understand why.  New Mexico chile is the best tasting of all hot peppers.  It comes in all temps from mild to extra, extra hot so everyone can find their favorite flavor and heat.  You can see the workers in the fields in the summer along the Rio Grande and other farming areas.  The taste varies with the part of the State as well.  Hatch chile, the most famous now, is a little bit sweet for my taste.  I prefer the chile from the north,  Chimayo, for example.  You can find companies on Google to ship you some to try out!

Chile Hoe-Down, Pastel on Pastelbord, 12 x 9 inches
This pastel painting captures some of the workers weeding a field.  This painting is in a private collection in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.